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Dual Membership FAQs

    What is the Dual Membership Release (DMR) Program?

    SHRM is committed to improving and strengthening membership in SHRM Chapters.  Dual Membership Release (DMR) provides robust support to Chapters to help them grow dual membership.  SHRM Chapters nationwide have been asking for this support for years!  This flyer briefly summarizes the long list of benefits of the Dual membership Release (DMR) program.

    Dual Membership means that all members of Northern Colorado Human Resources Association (NoCoHRA) will be members of BOTH National SHRM and NoCoHRA in order to continue to receive NoCoHRA membership benefits.  The majority of NoCoHRA members are already National SHRM members, so this transition should be simple for most.

    What are the differences between National SHRM and NoCoHRA?

    The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a global professional society with over 300,000 members. SHRM is focused on empowering people and workplaces by advancing HR practices and maximizing human potential to build a world of work that works for all. SHRM provides a comprehensive suite of resources, tools and templates that are utilized on a daily basis to assist their members in delivering exceptional results for their organizations.

    Northern Colorado Human Resources Association (NoCoHRA) is the official SHRM affiliate/local chapter for people living, learning and working in our service area. We provide our members with networking and educational opportunities to get connected at the local level with fellow HR professionals.

    Why is our chapter making the change to DMR?

    There are many benefits to making the change to DMR--simplification for our members (one transaction for both memberships); a streamlined path to receive the benefits of a national organization linked with a local perspective and presence resulting in double the expertise; credibility and strength in numbers will increase our effectiveness to represent HR professionals in our chapter and community and direct access to SHRM's educational programs, services, toolkits and resources so that our members can further their knowledge or advance their careers. (Note: 78% of our current members are already members of both NoCOHRA and SHRM, so our current membership already sees the value of being a dual member.

    What is the cost of dual membership?

    Dual membership will be the cost of your chapter dues ($85) plus your National SHRM dues ($244) for a total of $329 per year. For local chapter (NoCoHRA) members who are not current SHRM members, SHRM is offering a 50% discount on SHRM membership that can be used for two years.

    When will this change take place and how long do I have to be come a dual member?

    NoCoHRA will officially launch the DMR program on Monday, December 11, 2023. Anyone who joins NoCoHRA after that date will need to be a SHRM member. Current members will be required to join SHRM by the time their NoCoHRA dues expire, which is June 30, 2024 for most members.

    How is my NoCoHRA membership dues renewal payment date being aligned with my SHRM membership dues renewal payment date?

    Each NoCoHRA member will receive a message outlining the effect this change has on him/her. Generally, here is what will happen:

    • For members whose SHRM dues expire on or before June 30, 2024: Choice of full refund OR $20 credit toward a luncheon and donation to SHRM Foundation
    • For members whose SHRM dues expire on or after July 1, 2024: Pay NoCoHRA dues when paying SHRM dues (receive a "dues holiday")
    • For members who paid for multi-year members or have other special circumstances, how this change will affect your membership in both SHRM and NoCoHRA will be sent directly to them

    How do I become a dual member?

    If you are already a SHRM member and a NoCoHRA member, you are a “dual member”! You will become a “dual member” if you are a NoCoHRA member and you join SHRM or if you are a SHRM member and join NoCoHRA.