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    November 27, 2023

    Dear Valued NoCoHRA Members,

    Exciting times are ahead for the Northern Colorado Human Resources Association (NoCoHRA) as we prepare for a significant change in our membership structure. As of December 11, 2023, we will be aligning ourselves with SHRM through the Dual Membership Release (DMR) program—a strategic move that promises greater opportunities for connection, collaboration, and growth within our esteemed HR community.
    Being recognized as an award-winning local chapter of SHRM, our affiliation with the DMR program is set to elevate our offerings. This alliance will grant us enhanced access to nationally renowned speakers and empower our members to leverage the SHRM Competency Model for advancing careers and expanding knowledge, whether as students or seasoned business professionals. Moreover, our alignment with National SHRM fortifies our presence and amplifies our voice when advocating for HR professionals on legislative fronts.
    At NoCoHRA, our commitment remains steadfast in empowering our members through professional and personal development, fostering invaluable networking prospects, facilitating diverse knowledge exchange, providing essential legal updates, and offering access to enriching conferences.

    The transition to DMR will impact how membership dues are managed. After December 11, 2023, membership in NoCoHRA will require simultaneous membership in National SHRM, creating a Dual Membership structure. For current members of both SHRM and NoCoHRA, this change aligns membership dues payment dates, synchronizing the membership renewal process,  and enhances the overall value of Chapter membership. For NoCoHRA members not already part of SHRM, local-level only membership will expire on June 30, 2024. Each member will receive a personalized letter detailing the specifics of this "membership dues alignment." The link to join as a Dual Member will be available on our Chapter website after December 11, 2023.
    You might be wondering, how does the DMR program benefit our Chapter and its members?
    The SHRM Dual Membership Release (DMR) program significantly reduces administrative burdens, allowing our volunteers to focus on our mission without getting bogged down by administrative tasks. Here’s how the program achieves this:
    - SHRM maintains real-time Chapter membership records, accessible to Chapter leaders through the Affiliate Management Portal (AMP) website.
    - Marketing and membership renewal campaigns are managed by SHRM on behalf of the Chapter.
    - All membership transactions, including absorbing credit card fees, are processed by SHRM, easing the financial and administrative load.
    - A unified membership renewal date streamlines the process for both new and existing members, simplifying expenses for those whose companies cover membership costs.
    - Participation in the DMR platform expands the Chapter’s exposure to potential new members, contributing to Chapter growth.
    - By being 100% affiliated with SHRM through the DMR program, the annual Chapter Financial Support Program (CFSP) payments increase from $10/member to $30/member, bolstering Chapter programming and member engagement activities.
    We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and are committed to providing you with all the necessary information and support. As we approach this transformative moment, we appreciate your continued support and look forward to the enhanced opportunities that lie ahead for NoCoHRA and its members.
    Warm regards,
    Lisa Austin
    President, NoCoHRA

    Link to DMR (pdf) File