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    Webinar | Jan Rutherford: Self-Reliant Leadership

    Date: March 29, 2017, 11:00am – 12:00pm

    Via WebEx (link provided after registration is completed)
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    ***Deadline to Register is by Noon, Friday March 24, 2017***

    •  Why HR professionals should attend your session?  

    Developing self-reliance allows you, your team, and your organization to become more resourceful, collaborative and focused in your ability to produce meaningful and sustainable results. This webinar provides an overview of Self-Reliant Leadership principles and concepts. Audience members will leave with a workable plan on how to embrace adversity, strengthen the leader/teacher role, and “hear the unheard” to leverage introspection to create powerful outcomes.

    •  What HR functions or skills attendees will learn based on the  content outlines?

    Self-Reliant Leadership is built on trust and emerges from strong shared values built on solid character traits. This webinar addresses the four key ‘leadership levers’: People, Process, Structure, and Rewards, and their role in developing character in the people around you to foster an environment of uncommon accountability and performance.

    By focusing on the results leaders aim to achieve, and facilitating in the context of specific current and future challenges, participants discover how to:

    • build on core strengths to create unity of purpose, alignment, and resourcefulness, while helping to mitigate derailleurs to profitable and sustainable growth
    • align heroic aspirations across an organization to accelerate change, and drive growth through collaboration
    • engage employees to focus, initiate, and think like owners, by building the trust necessary to unleash the talents of a diverse team
    • use crucibles and conflict as a teaching tool to develop resourcefulness for organizational change and breakthroughs
    • identify and assess the key leadership levers that will foster collaboration and drive organizational results


      • How they can use the learning from your program in their work?

      What are you doing to attract and retain top talent in a tight labor market?  Effective business is focused on people working across generations for a common goal, but every employee is ultimately a volunteer, and more and more they’re choosing to look for greener pastures. This webinar hones in on retention of top talent as a key indicator of leadership effectiveness and provides valuable tools to keep employees inspired, innovative and engaged.