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Workforce Readiness & Diversity

    NCHRA Meet Up Initiative:

    The Meet Up Initiative is a networking opportunity for employers in the Northern Colorado Area to meet community partners in the area for mutual benefit.  The networking opportunity allows...


          - Diversify their workforce by partnering with community partners that place qualified 
           candidates(i.e. with disabilities or veteran status) within the area.
         - And FREE Services for employers with resources that can provide free recruiting  
           services and qualified candidate placement through local and state community partners
           in Northern Colorado


         - Connect with employers in the area with current job openings to place qualified clients
           looking for employment opportunities
         -And, opportunities to partner with employers to create volunteer opportunities for them
           to find opportunities for their employees to give back to the local community.

    If this is something you are interested in or simply want to learn more about, first become a member and sign up to receive information.

    If you have question or want to know ways you can support the “Meet Up” contact Melissa Whitten at


    To represent a message of inclusion and respect for all members and communities in which we do business. NCHRA goal is to create a culture, and networking environment that recognizes and leverages the unique characteristics, talents, and contributions of it's members and non-members within our community. Efforts will be made through discussion groups, providing an HR community, and the National and State SHRM Initiative, which provides its members with diversity-related research materials, workplace-applicable tools, publications, professional development opportunities and partnerships with key organizations.


    Is to align with the  both COSHRM and National SHRM Council’s Workforce Readiness Mission; to insure that today and tomorrow’s workforce has the skills, competencies and behaviors in order to succeed in today’s and the future workplace. 

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    FREE Foundation Report Available for Download for SHRM Members

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