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    Labor Laws: The Inside Scoop by Kalen Fraser

    Date: April 9, 2014, 11:15am – 1:00pm
    Biaggi’s – Centerra
    $25 for NCHRA Members, $35 for Non-NCHRA Members
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    Come join us for an informative session on labor law compliance with former federal investigator Kalen Fraser.  We’ll learn why Wage and Hour investigations are initiated and what employers can expect if their business is targeted.  We’ll also take an in depth look at three of the most problematic areas of FLSA compliance: hours worked issues, tricky overtime calculations, and deductions from salaried exempt employees. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on federal labor law enforcement and to learn how it can affect your business.

    Top three learning objectives of this presentation:

    1. Become familiar with Wage and Hour investigations: why they are initiated, what the process includes, how back wages and fines are calculated and how they are resolved.
    2. Identify most common FLSA violations found in Wage and Hour investigations.
    3. Learn strategies for avoiding common violations and staying in compliance.


    Ms. Fraser worked for several years as a federal investigator with the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division in Grand Junction and Denver, Colorado.  She conducted investigations on hundreds of companies to determine their compliance with federal labor laws including the Fair Labor Standards Act, Davis-Bacon Act, Service Contract Act, Family Medical Leave Act and the H2A and H2B guest worker programs.  Ms. Fraser received her Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and served in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua as a teacher trainer prior to working as a federal investigator.


    ***Deadline to Register is by Noon, Friday April 4***

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