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2023-24 Membership Renewal Application

    Read All Information Below:

    Below is the Membership Renewal Application - this is for Current NoCoHRA Members ONLY.

    If you are applying for a SHRM & NoCoHRA (Dual Membership) you must supply the email associated with your SHRM National membership.

    Students: If you are a student renewing your membership, you will need to submit verification of your current enrollment to

    Updated Payment Process for
    2023-2024 Renewal Period Please Read

    Membership Fees 

    Dual Membership (Current SHRM member and NoCoHRA)

    • Standard $85.00           
    • Premium Membership $310.00 (includes 10 luncheons, plus 1 free luncheon for year)

    Local Member Only (NoCoHRA)

    • Standard $115.00
    • Premium Membership $340.00 (includes 10 luncheons, plus 1 free luncheon for the year)

    For All Membership Types: Once you submit and pay your membership dues, your membership will will changed to 'pending' and must be verified with SHRM National to determine the status of your SHRM Membership. Even if you are not applying for a Dual SHRM & NoCoHRA (Local Chapter) Membership, your account will go through the same process. Please anticipate a 3 (business) day waiting period for your account to be verified through SHRM.

    If you are not found in the SHRM database and requested a Dual membership, we will notify you of the expired or missing information. You will have 14 days to produce the proof of SHRM membership (receipt or correction to database) or you will be charged the difference to the original payment method.  


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    To receive the discount for Dual Membership (SHRM & NoCoHRA), you must upload your current SHRM Membership Certification.
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